CAPCon 2020 Badge and Rules Agreement


CAPCon encourages a welcoming and affirming atmosphere for common interests within the ageplay and kink communities. We embrace and celebrate the diversity of the ageplay community regardless of race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, kink lifestyle, or kink roles.

If you have any questions or concerns about attendee conduct during the convention, please locate and inform a member of the Convention Staff immediately.

Please note that any violation of the rules of conduct below may result in expulsion from the convention and any monies paid will be forfeit.

Badge sales are final and refunds will not be given unless Attendee is denied to attend in the vetting process. Badges are non-transferable.

Purchase of a badge does not guarantee access to a guest room in the host hotel. Host hotel guest room reservations are available while supplies last.

**Compliance with convention staff, convention volunteers, security staff, and the hotel staff is required.**

By purchasing a badge and attending CAPCon, I (the Attendee) agree to the following:

General Rules and Agreements

  • I will be 18 years of age on or before the first day of the convention. My date of birth is March 5, 2002 or earlier.

  • During the process of online registration for CAPCon, I understand that I am required to electronically accept the entirety of the CAPCon 2020 Badge and Rules Agreement (this document).

  • Unless I am denied to attend in the vetting process, I understand that my transaction is final and cannot be refunded or transferred.

  • I understand that purchasing a badge and attending the convention not only confirms that I have read the rules, but also commits that I will follow them for the duration of the convention and understand the consequences if I fail to do so.

  • I understand that rooms in the host hotel are available on a first come, first served basis, and that reservations are handled by the hotel’s reservation system and processes.

  • I agree to provide required valid government issued photo ID that includes my legal name and date of birth for verification during registration before I may enter the hotel or any convention space.

  • I agree to wear, and ensure the visibility of, the convention wrist band and badge at all times while in convention space.

  • I agree to immediately inform a staff member upon discovering the loss or misplacement of my badge or wrist band.

Personal Conduct

While outside of the hotel convention space, you are required to dress casually without any visible kink clothing or gear.

  • I agree to remain in street clothing (dress casual, vanilla) while outside of convention areas.

  • I agree to be mindful and respectful of discussions I engage in outside of the convention areas.

  • I agree to either change in the designated changing areas or my hotel room. For those coming from overflow hotels, changing areas are available within convention areas for any changing needs.

  • I agree to not expose any nudity and/or genitalia inside of any public convention space (changing rooms excluded) or hotel area.

  • I agree not to engage in sexual activities in any public convention space or public hotel area.

  • I agree to be respectful of all Convention attendees and staff at all times.

  • I agree to observe consent guidelines at all times.

  • I understand that personal hotel rooms are NOT considered part of the Convention Area, and therefore my activities are neither guaranteed or protected by CAPCon. This includes after-parties or social gatherings of any kind. However, overflow to common areas (IE: Hallways, balconies, lobbies, etc.) ARE subject to CAPCon rules. Hotel rules must be followed regardless of where in the hotel you are.

  • I agree to be mindful and respectful of all hotel staff.

  • I understand that all information regarding events, scenes, participants, and conversations (whether overheard or directly participated in) while attending this PRIVATE event must be held in strictest confidence. I understand that breaching this confidentiality may result in consequences including (but not restricted to): expulsion from the event, restriction from attending future events, and legal actions against me.

  • I confirm that I am not attending this event for the purposes of: information collection about any attendees, volunteers, staff, or organizers; information collection about the event itself; publication of information about any of the above. I further confirm and understand that the confidentiality rules in the previous point restrict me from disclosing any details about this event.

  • I understand that certain rooms within the convention areas may have a set of rules specific to those spaces. Those rules may be more, or less, restrictive than the overall convention rules. The rooms involved include, but are not limited to: Dark Ageplay, Quiet Nursery, and Pet Play.

  • I agree to read and abide by the rules posted by each room's Committee Leadership, and agree to ask CAPCon Staff any questions if unsure of what the expected rules of conduct are within the space.

Security and Privacy

I understand and agree that to ensure security and privacy at the event, it is reasonable and sufficient that the convention has the following guidelines:

  • Anyone not displaying their convention badge and wrist band will not be allowed to enter the hotel or convention area. Anyone found inside the hotel or the convention area without proper identification, will be asked to leave.

  • It is forbidden to wear identification belonging to another attendee, and puts one in violation of the CAPCon rules of conduct.

  • Security staff will be posted at all unlocked entrances to the hotel. Only attendees with valid badges and wrist bands will be admitted.

  • Security Staff will patrol the hotel property, inside and outside, to ensure that anyone found loitering in and around the property without identification is on their way to registration to get their badge and wrist band.

  • The hotel entrance leading to the on site car rental office is exempt to these guidelines, as the business will be open to the public during the conference. Drapery will be erected within the hotel to protect the privacy of attendees.

I understand that CAPCon will take reasonable and sufficient measures to protect the personal information I provide them. I agree that they may use it in the following ways:

  • Email communications with multiple attendees may be sent through third party marketing applications.

  • Email communications, including those sent for vetting purposes, with individual attendees may be sent through third party email clients.

  • Direct messages with attendees may be sent through third party social networking applications

  • Personal Information shared with the convention, and photos taken by contention photographers in designated photography areas, may be stored in or transmitted to third party applications.

  • Upon registration, Attendees’ email address and name data may be used to subscribe attendees to the convention’s email marketing application, scheduling application, and applications that conduct the convention’s raffle, silent auction, or other charitable endeavors. Attendees may opt out of these services by unsubscribing through them.

Digital Media Content – Photography, Video, Audio and Other

Photography, videography, audio or any other form of digital media content recording by convention attendees of any kind is strictly forbidden to ensure attendee privacy and safety.

  • I agree to not take any photos, record video, record audio or any media (analog/digital) content of any kind

  • I agree to check-in any device with the capabilities mentioned above during registration, including but not limited to: phones, tablets, watches, or any other digital media content recording device.

  • I agree to have CAPCon staff apply required security seals over any devices which I have checked-in.

  • I understand that cases must be removed on devices for application of the seal to cameras.

  • I agree to immediately return to registration in the event of any device seal being broken, without any further use of the recording features of said device until the seal is replaced. I understand that staff will want an explanation as to why the seal was broken.

  • I understand CAPCon staff has the right to review the media in my device and demand deletion of offending media.

  • I understand that if I post any unauthorized digital media content, I will be subject to review with possible expulsion and banning from the convention

  • I understand if I am interested in receiving photos of myself from the convention, I must be wearing my badge and take a photo (for each costume, facial paint, etc) with my badge number clearly showing at the beginning of each photo shoot.

  • I understand that there will be clearly designated areas of the convention space where photos of attendees will be allowed to be taken by convention photographers or photo booth operators. By entering these areas, I agree that my photo may be taken.

Sanitary Conduct

  • I understand that defecation will not be tolerated in any convention area, during any official convention event, or in any public area in and around the hotel. I understand that exceptions are made for those with disabilities, and that care will be taken to be as discreet and hygienic as possible.

  • I understand that no diapers, swim or otherwise, are to be worn in the pool

  • I understand that diapers must be covered when I am in the hotel restaurant or bar, and while I am being served food or beverage by the hotel staff.

Alcohol & Controlled Substances

Possession or Consumption of controlled substance(s) at CAPCon is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated, except where permitted by Illinois law and/or local ordinances.

Alcoholic beverages are allowed in covered containers in designated areas.  If an attendee is found with alcohol in a non-designated area, they may be expelled from the current event and banned from future ones.

  • I agree to follow Illinois law with regards to age limits on the consumption of alcohol and use of other controlled substances.

  • I agree to not possess or use controlled substances in any area of the hotel or convention space, except where permitted by Illinois law, local ordinances, and convention rules.

  • I understand that convention rules regarding recreational marijuana use in the smoking area will be issued at a later date provided Illinois laws go into effect and the hotel has a chance to review them.

  • I understand that Smoking or Vaping of any kind is not allowed anywhere within the hotel building or within 15 feet the entrances.

Criminal Background

During the registration process, you are required to answer questions regarding prior convictions for any misdemeanor, felony, or other major criminal offense in any jurisdiction.

  • I agree that the information provided during registration for CAPCon is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

  • I have not falsified, omitted, or obscured any relevant information, nor will I do so.

  • I understand that withholding information, or giving false or inaccurate information, may result in: refusal of entry, expulsion from the event, or a permanent ban from future events.

Host Hotel and Reservations

CAPCon and the host hotel are different business entities. Policies and rules the hotel has above and beyond those included in this document are also in force.

  • I agree not to reveal details about the host hotel outside of what is necessary for my personal safety.

  • Once I am successfully vetted, I agree to not share the reservation link or room block code with anyone.

  • I agree to not reserve a guest room before I am successfully vetted. I understand that reservations made by anyone who is not successfully vetted are subject to cancellation.

  • I agree that I will only reserve one guest room and if I have a legitimate need to reserve more than one guest room, I will request an exception from CAPCon staff by emailing . I understand that if I have more than one room reserved and have not been granted an exception, all but one are subject to cancellation.

  • I understand that when I check in, the hotel may put a hold on my credit or debit card to cover incidental charges and that the hold may not be released for some time after my departure.

  • I understand that I will be financially responsible for my own guest room, tax, and incidental charges (including damages to my guest room) upon checkout.

  • I understand that the hotel has a limited supply of mini refrigerators and microwaves. These are available on a first come/first serve basis. Rental costs for these are a one time fee for your entire stay at the hotel. The cost is $15.00 each or $25.00 for both. If you have medical needs for a refrigerator, please communicate this to the hotel when you make your reservation and also call the hotel front desk ahead of time to make sure they are aware of your needs.

Food and Beverage

  • I agree that I will not bring food or beverages purchased outside of the hotel into the hotel restaurant or bar.

  • I agree that I will not bring food purchased outside of the hotel into the hotel meeting rooms, with the exception of small snacks for personal consumption.

  • I agree that any beverage I consume outside of hotel guest rooms, restaurant, or bar must be consumed in a covered, non-glass, container (thermos, sippie cup, etc).

Terms and Conditions

The Attendee purchasing this badge agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless CAP Entertainment Corp (the “Convention”), the Convention’s hotel, and their respective staff, volunteers, employees, officers, directors, and agents against all claims, losses, and damages to persons or properties, governmental charges or fines, and costs (including reasonable attorney’s fees) arising out of or connected to the actions or failure to act in accordance with the CAPCon Badge and Rules Agreement by the Attendee, except those claims arising out of the other party’s gross negligence or willful misconduct.

No damages shall be due for a failure of performance occurring due to Acts of God, war, terrorist act, government regulation, riots, disasters, or strikes, any one of which make performance impossible. Convention shall have no liability for power disruptions of any kind.

In the event that CAPCon 2020 cannot be held or is postponed due to events beyond the control of the Convention, the Convention shall not be liable to the Attendee for any damages, costs, or losses incurred, such as transportation costs, lodging costs, or financial losses.

If any provision of this agreement is held illegal or unenforceable in a judicial proceeding, such provision shall be severed and shall be inoperative, and the remainder of this agreement shall remain operative and binding on the parties.

Due to the time consuming and process intensive nature of Attendee vetting, badges are non-refundable unless the attendee is denied in the convention vetting process. Badges are non-transferrable for any reason.

This agreement or any part of it is subject to change at any time, without notice.

Agreement & Signature

All decisions by the CAPCon staff are final. No refunds or compensation will be given in the event that your attendance at the convention is terminated by either yourself, convention staff, or the hotel.

I have read the rules thoroughly, understand them, and will adhere to them. I understand that failure to do so may result in expulsion from the convention and exclusion from future events.

By purchasing a badge, I agree to all terms and conditions within the CAPCon Badge and Rules Agreement.